Slow Food Norwich News

Slow Food Norwich has been busy in the past two months building closer ties to other organisations which are involved in sustainability and promoting food issues in the press and to the public.
One of our Norwich members took part in an BBQ and food event in London as part of the Food Revolution day on May 15th, the event was held by the Root Camp which offers 14 to 21 year old's hands on knowledge about food its preparation and enjoyment. We now hope to work with this organisation to arrange for them to use a venue in Norfolk for one of their food events and workshops later this year.
We also visited the offices of Hubbub to start planning a Pumpkin Festival in Norwich in October as part of a series of similar Festivals across the UK all aimed at highlighting excessive food waste in our communities and cities. As part of the wider food waste project we are now meeting with a sustainability organisation in Cambridge and will have further news about our new project with them very soon.
On 5th July we will be taking a stand at the Norwich Lanes Fair which will be manned by our members and we are looking forward to a busy day in Norwich promoting the aims and ethos of Slow food to the public, there will also be a series of short talks given about the history and current work of Slow food.

We will be having another Slow Food Norwich and Anglia social and fundraising evening on 21st August at the popular Louis' Deli in Upper St Giles in Norwich. This event will be an Italian themed evening, featuring wines and food from the Le Marche region of eastern Italy, with most of the produce being supplied by Slow Food members and producers from that beautiful region of Italy.
Wines will include two white wines, a Verdicchio and a Passerina, also a red Rosso Piceno with all the wines being produced by small artisan wine makers in that region.
There will also be the opportunity to try a selection of artisan produced foods from Le Marche, these will include organic olive oil, salami, smoked meats, cheeses, honeys and other local produce typical of that Italian region.

 Slow Food Norwich together with Slow Food Anglia supports and promotes many varied food and drink related causes and projects and the Forgotten Food programme is an important element of that work and also in the work carried out throughout the rest of the international Slow Food movement undertakes and we in Norwich are pleased to be working with the owners of the Fire Pit Camp in Wendling Norfolk to hold the first major Forgotten Food Festival in England.
In Norfolk he Festival will be held on Saturday June 6th and we are very pleased to be holding this very popular Norfolk based event with the help and support of Rachel and Sarah from The Fire Pit Camp who are also active members of Slow Food Norwich. We worked closely with them last year when we held a joint Slow Food and Norfolk producer Festival at their beautiful venue in the small village of Wendling in central Norfolk and look forward to being involved with them again.
The Fire Pit Camp is a popular and well known venue in central Norfolk and it has quickly become a valuable asset to the local community in both Wendling and the surrounding villages and towns.
Rachel and Sarah have been very supportive of the aims of Slow food in Norwich and East Anglia.