Forgotten Food Festival in Norfolk and London

The Forgotten Food programme is an important element of the work that the Slow Food organisation in the UK and also throughout the rest of the international Slow Food movement undertakes as part of its work, and we in Slow Food Norwich and in East Anglia are pleased to be working with the owners of the Fire Pit Camp in Wendling Norfolk to hold the first major Forgotten Food Festival in England.
The Festival will be held on Saturday June 6th and Sunday June 7th at the Slow food Market at the prestigious Rosewood Hotel in London, and we are very excited to be holding both these events with the help and support of Rachel and Sarah from The Fire Pit Camp who are also active members of Slow Food Norwich. We worked closely with them last year when we held a joint Slow Food and Norfolk producer Festival at their beautiful venue in the small village of Wendling in central Norfolk and look forward to being involved with them again.
The Fire Pit Camp is a popular and well known venue in central Norfolk and it has quickly become a valuable asset to the local community in both Wendling and the surrounding villages and towns.
Rachel and Sarah have been very supportive of the aims of Slow food in Norwich and East Anglia and the Fire Pit Camp will also be one of the first Approved scheme members of Slow food in Norfolk, which will be launched in March in Norwich.
The Rosewood Hotel in Holborn is one of Londons most prestigious and beautiful hotels and we are very pleased to be taking the Forgotten food festival to this fantastic venue as part of the annual Slow Food week events throughout the UK.

There are Forgotten foods in communities all over the UK, many types of food that were once common place and known and eaten by local people have in many cases have all but now nearly disappeared, In Norfolk alone Forgotten foods currently include a large range of fish, shellfish, beers, cheeses, breads, jams and meats and in other parts of the UK Slow Food has already many of the active Forgotten Food producers listed on our central website.
We are approaching local food businesses and also asking local people in all parts of the county to help us with finding these scare typically Norfolk foods and with this help Slow Food Norwich is hoping to trace many of these rare foods in the next few months before the Festival begins in June.
Rachel and Sarah from the Fire Pit Camp are already active through Social media with putting out the word about the aims of the Festival and for asking for news and help with tracing the forgotten Norfolk foods and recipes that have now nearly disappeared.
Through the network of groups and members of Slow Food in Norwich and East Anglia we hope to be able to make some if not all of these Forgotten foods available once again to the public and with this in mind we hope to further the revival of these fantastic Norfolk foods and drinks.


  1. We flew home to book this venue in June last year. Absolutely loved their summer party ideas and I'll be certainly waiting to go back there for more events.

  2. We are so happy and excited to be working with Dermott and Slow Food, a movment we are really passionate about - really feel as food fests go this could be a ground breaker! We can't wait :)

  3. We'd be interested in joining this? How do we apply? Contact us via


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