Great Bircham Country stores

Slow Food Norwich members are always pleased to find excellent small food producers and retailers in both Norfolk and also in the rest of  East Anglia and recently we have come across a really excellent small local food and wine shop in the pretty village of Great Bircham in North West Norfolk.
Great Bircham Country stores is managed by Damien who is originally from Brittany and it is the only shop left in this small village and it caters for both locals and the many passing visitors on the way to the north west coast of Norfolk. The village of Great Bircham is located in a very popular holiday area, being very close to the remote beautiful beaches and villages on the Norfolk coast and is also just fourteen miles from the historic city of Kings Lynn.
The village of Anmer is only three miles away from Great Bircham and this is where the new country home of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, Anmer Hall, is currently being renovated. It is planned that they will divide their time between London and Norfolk from 2014 onwards, Kate has already seen visiting local shops in many  of the local towns and villages and it is hoped that the couple might also be seen in Great Bircham in the coming months!

North Norfolk is a beautiful and remote part of England having a long sandy coastline with many world famous nature reserves as well as being one of the main grain and pork production areas of the UK. Villages have changed little over the centuries but since the 1960's there has been a steady decline in small shops serving the local communities.
Great Bircham Country stores has also changed hands several times over the past few years as the small food shops in rural settings have found it increasingly difficult to survive with the growth of home deliveries by large supermarket chains, but with Damien and the new owners now concentrating on stocking a wide selection of both local foods and also enlarging the existing new wine shop, the future now seems to be more secure.
As well as stocking many products made by local artisan producers including home made cakes and breads they also plan to expand their range of wines and hold promotional events for local producers and farmers to help promote and market good local Norfolk produce.
At the start of 2014 Slow Food Norwich is very pleased to be able to help promote this outstanding small food business and we were pleased to find that Damien is also a member of Slow Food in England and a supporter of the goals and ideals of Slow Food International.