Slow Food at the HUB Westminster

Slow Food Norwich and England are holding a workshop, talks and lectures about sustainable artisan produced foods this August at the prestigious HUB Westminster in central London. The HUB was launched in 2001 and is one of a large number of global locally owned collaborative working spaces which support early stage organisations and individuals to grow and prosper.
The HUB Westminster is one of three located in central London and there are now over forty similar HUB'S with over seven thousand members spread throughout the world, these include twenty six locations in Europe, fourteen in the USA, three in Australia, three in Africa and four in south America. Workshops and talks at the HUB Westminster offer a wonderful opportunity for organisations such as Slow Food and other other community based groups to reach a wide and diverse group of individuals who make up the HUB membership base.

Slow Food in the UK is undergoing a series of exciting changes, most of the most important is the new regional network with the establishment of a new Slow Food England, Slow Food Scotland and Slow Food Wales with an increased emphasis on localisation in the decision making process. One of the major changes to be present in the new structure will be to allow local groups to access local funding which was either extremely difficult to access or was impossible within the old Slow Food UK structure.
As part of the changes Slow Food has embarked upon a new drive to recruit new members, promote the Slow Food message in the UK, and the event at the HUB will be part of this new emphasis on engaging with members of the public who have a real interest in how their food is produced.

The event to be held in August will be jointly hosted by Slow Food Norwich and Slow Food London and there will be a series of talks, tastings and workshops totalling four or five hours, space will be limited to a maximum of sixty guests, which will mainly consist of members of the HUB community but also Slow Food members from both London, Norfolk and also a select number from Slow Food Italy and Slow Food International.
As well as the talks to be given by several Slow Food leaders there will also be tastings of locally produced foods, as well as artisan produced olive oils from Italy to demonstrate the diverse nature of food products that Slow Food promotes and the small producers who require support by the general public in the face of increasing pressure by the supermarkets.
Dates of this exciting event will be published at the end of May and we hope thet this first eevent at the HUB will be followed by similar events both in London and other cities in the UK this year and possibly Italy in 2015.